Arts for Wellness Workshops


I offer a 2 hour group session that focus's on a specific theme relevant and inspired by the client group.

In the past, such themes that have been explored were, safe spaces.

This was facilitated at a centre for adults experiencing homelessness.

Another group theme was happy memories. The image adjacent, is an example of a piece of my art making which I displayed when I facilitated this workshop at a dementia cafe.

This workshop invited it's participants to think about shared experiences.

Having a theme allows for a sense of universality in the group and naturally it brings to the forefront shared experiences which aren’t necessarily situational but can be emotional. In the presence of other individuals, sometimes a new dimension of meaning can be thought about when the experience might draw on similarities to someone else's, thus arousing, altruism, and it also gives rise for individuals to experiment and explore the ways they create and maintain interpersonal relationships.

This workshop allows for the participant to have a new connection to such experiences, through the element of physicality and play which is contained in the model box. What once existed in the individuals mind, now exists physically and can be viewed by the individual, the group and the gaze of the therapist.

Disclaimer: This is not a group therapy session, but is informed by therapeutic factors associated with group therapy. My role is to support the individuals in the making process, and to conduct a short reflective discussion at the end, to think about the work that happened in the group.


Previously, my work with arts of wellness groups has resulted in some amazing art making being produced. 

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