Eve Jones

Let’s Stay Connected.

At a time where there is much uncertainty around us in relation to COVID-19, it is important to look after ourselves and one another. And to remember that as frightening as it feels to not know, that we do so not alone, and that we are a community even in the face of disconnectedness. 

‘There are many eyes behind
windows in this world,

Digesting uncomfortable worry around facing the

Looking out, at a distance. 

It has been raining, snowing, sleeting,

Some people outside were meeting

The bus-line moved
passed the length it usually stops at

And people have been keeping,

A safe distance away from

In the distance, there are foggy windows

With eyes peeping,

Below the pane

It is plain,

That there are other people

Behind other windows

Watching the world outside.

Those eyes,

Connect with mine,

Which is comforting

That even in aloneness,

 We are in this together, 

As we look out at the
action between us.

Miles apart, there is synchronicity in the beats of our hearts

Watching breath expand and fall

Mirrored in the rhythm of the last leaves
skating and moving


Along the pavement.

The magnolia blossom, quivering
or dancing

The rain, covering the
townhouse, like glitter shaken in the globe.

Small shiny pieces, softly scatter, like the ending of a storm

That will soon pass.’

Eve Jones 16.3.2020

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