Back Garden Story

My work previously as an Art Therapist, is with individuals who are being supported to live at home in rural communities. The process of creating a calm and safe space within the home environment takes different shapes and influences. Meeting many faces in different homes,  I find myself dwelling on small details found in the home environment and what these details contribute to the story unfolding in our relationship. 

 ‘I see winding frayed weeds

 Oozing from the wall

 Discarded tree branches, and mounds of all 

Broken yellow old leaves. 

 I scan the windows for life

 A woman looks out over the shadowed garden 

 Where rows of seeds sewn, gave so might delight 

 To a man and a wife who lived their life, 

together here in this home.

 The soil is cracked, and the hedges seem sad

 Rotten planks that clad, the shed at the back,

 look on the verge of collapse. 

 Don’t come through the front door, is what I was told.

 The garden is overgrown, and surrounds this forgotten home.

 It’s sets the scene for the story, 

of a woman now living alone.

 Maybe waiting for those silky bright flowers, to grow.’

Eve Jones 2020

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