Eve Jones

Art Psychotherapy?

Art psychotherapy is a process where together with an Art Psychotherapist, you are supported to explore emotions or experiences that might not be so easily communicated or thought about using words.

Sometimes we move through our lives without noticing how our feelings and behaviours, are often shaped by previous experiences of relationships or events. Part of psychotherapy is highlighting and noticing patterns which inform the here and now moments of our lives.

Art making exists much like a helping hand to you and your therapist, which can be used to support you to think about your mental health and emotional well-being in a visible and explorative way.

You'll be encouraged to use art materials in any way which feels comfortable for you. Sometimes, it might bring up strange or anxious feelings around... not feeling good enough... feeling insecure about what you might have made?...

These are completely normal responses and all part and parcel of the experience of building a strong and supportive relationship with your therapist, where you are encouraged to 'make mistakes' 'be playful' and 'be curious!'

In sessions you'll be encouraged to be autonomous with what and how you choose to explore, meaning, your therapy session can take many shapes...

You might like to use your therapy time to talk instead of art making, maybe a mixture of both or perhaps using the space for art making only. Sometimes, coming to therapy can be a quiet and reflective time, and this is ok too.

Together we can think about you, in a reflective and thoughtful way where you are listened to and respected.


Art psychotherapy can be helpful for individuals experiencing a variety of mental health concerns, such as depression or anxiety. Research has shown, that the way we look after our physical health has an impact on our mental health. For individuals experiencing physical health concerns, art psychotherapy can be a useful place to explore concerns and difficulties.

Children, adults, the elderly and individuals with learning disabilities, autism or neurological impairments can all benefit from art psychotherapy to help support them with their emotional well-being needs.


Art Psychotherapy sessions are confidential.

However in circumstances where you might identify that there is a risk to yours or anyone else's safety, as a therapist, there is a duty of care required to keep you and others safe.

Your artworks that are made in sessions are kept in the safety of the art therapy room, until such a time that a decision is made to bring the therapeutic work to an end. You'll be able to then decide whether you would like to keep your work then.


I conduct assessments at the beginning of any therapeutic work.

Assessments help bring awareness to the reasons why you have come to therapy, and this is useful as it can shape the therapeutic work where special attention can be directed around supporting you with specific concerns.


I provide 1:1 sessions that last for 50 minutes.


I work in therapy spaces throughout Essex and the city. I am happy to disclose more about these locations further to correspondence.

Assessment: £25

Art psychotherapy appointments: £35 (Students/ Concessions: £30)

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